Vault 111

November 13, 2077 Scavenging, Looting, Coding

Howdy! Hoping you’re staying safe out there in the Commonwealth. A holotape ejected from the Overseer’s terminal indicates that Vault 111 Scientists have been diligently working on exciting functionality for saving SPECIAL stats, leveling up, selecting perks, ranking up, and more.

Also, since vault dwellers have started venturing out into the Commonwealth, Vault 111 cartographers have also started their in-depth catalog of wasteland locations. It seems like this is an ongoing project that will be ready as soon as possible, but continuously updated.

User accounts are coming back very soon, and you’ll be very excited with what we have in store. If you’ve already got a account, you’ll be able to use your existing credentials.

Safe travels!

November 10, 2077 Go Get ‘Em, Wastelanders!

The Vault doors are open! As we start exploring our newly irradiated Commonwealth, we’ll be adding locations to the map at a steadily increasing rate. We’ve even got a lead on a vintage copy of the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide.¬†The goal is to have this be a fully recreated version of the map in your Pip-Boy, with detailed locations/loot descriptions, filterable displays by location type, the ability to mark a location as Cleared, and more. Thanks for tuning in, now get out there and explore!


November 9, 2077 Welcome Home

We’ve finally got our new hosting situation set up and it’s much, much faster; we should have excellent performance from now on. We’re still working on moving some files around and getting everything back up to 100%, so bare with us while we get everything in order.

The bombs are so close!